What Is an Antivirus VPN and Can It Save You Money

Best Antivirus with VPN – Staying safe online means using antivirus software. Paid suites are often the best option, with tools to combat viruses, malware, ransomware, and more. An increasingly common feature listed in paid antivirus solutions is a VPN. But why would you need a VPN for your antivirus?


What is Antivirus VPN?

An antivirus VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) that is accessed through your online security software.

Antivirus companies are increasingly adding VPNs to their suite of internet security tools. Virtual private networks mean encrypted, secure connections, so it makes sense to add this feature.

What Is an Antivirus VPN and Can It Save You Money

For anyone looking for a way to integrate their online security tools into one easy-to-use app, it makes sense to include a VPN with antivirus. But how do you know when you need a VPN?

Well, if you want to keep your online activity private, a VPN is a good place to start. This is especially useful for securely connecting to public Wi-Fi, an activity that has long attracted cyber criminals.

You can also take advantage of VPN servers in other countries to find cheap hotel and flight deals. When Internet traffic is heavy, using a VPN to encrypt your data can also prevent ISPs from de-prioritizing your activity.

In some cases, online security software companies launch their own VPN services to include in their antivirus software. In others, they team up with well-known VPN services, offering potential new customers to the VPN company.

What do you get with a standard antivirus package?

Antivirus software is designed to protect your PC data from infection and destruction. In most cases, the aim is to take personal data that can be reused or reused in some way, but almost always for profit.

This can mean copying passwords, data mining for personal information that can be used in identity theft, or hijacking systems to force computers to behave in a particular way. This can range from ensuring specific ads are displayed or websites visited to subverting systems as part of a botnet.

Antivirus software can block all of these attacks while keeping your data safe from ransomware. Most operating systems have firewall controls, but antivirus software makes them more useful.

While free antivirus tools may display ads on a regular basis, paid solutions usually do not.

Can You Use an Existing VPN With Antivirus VPN?

What if you already use a VPN and have an antivirus suite installed with the VPN?

Strictly speaking, this shouldn’t be an issue. You can simply continue to use your existing VPN client and disable or generally avoid using the Antivirus VPN combo.

There should be no problem with both VPNs connected at the same time, but there is always the risk of conflicting applications. Also, connection issues can occur when a VPN is turned off. If both have a killswitch function (which stops Internet access when the connection drops, protecting your privacy), then you have something extra to check.

On the other hand, if you want to increase privacy, then you can use two VPNs simultaneously. This is called VPN chaining.

How does antivirus VPN software work?

If your antivirus offers a VPN, it’s probably already configured to use it.

Enabling a VPN initiates an encrypted connection through which all Internet traffic is routed. It ends up on a VPN server, which then serves as your IP address as far as any website or online service you connect to.

Like standard VPNs, Antivirus VPN software provides the option to connect to specific servers in specific locations. There is also often an option to allow particular apps to bypass the VPN.

Along with real-time malware protection, virus scanning and removal, firewall access, and ransomware protection, an antivirus suite’s console will usually have a VPN option.

In most cases, it can be activated from within the antivirus suite. Many antivirus VPN bundles on Windows also enable quick and easy access to VPN connections via the system tray. This is similar to the behavior of a standard VPN client.

Can You Use Antivirus VPN With Netflix?

Many people use a VPN to watch Netflix abroad. For example, you cannot access the Netflix US library from the UK without a VPN. The same is true in the other direction as well.

As a result, VPNs generate a lot of business from people wanting to watch another country’s Netflix library.

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