7 New Features to Try in Kali Linux 2022.1

For years, cybersecurity-focused Linux distributions have been revolutionizing penetration testing and security auditing for internal and remote networks.

Offensive Security, the developers of Kali Linux, bring to you the first major release of 2022 with its latest version. Kali 2022.1 is loaded with innovations and latest features, making it a power-packed distro for the new year.

Here are some of the exciting new features of Kali Linux 2022.1 that you need to try now.

1. Theme Change

The visual evolution of Kali Linux is worth watching, as you’ll find new wallpapers, login screens, boot displays, and installer themes. You can see the improvement in boot menu layout. The latest version has specific boot menus for UEFI and BIOS installations.

However, offensive security has led to a more unified layout design for the separate installers—live, net install, and mini iterations. All of the previous issues separating these three download options have been done away with, to give Kali’s installation image a universal look and feel.

2. Advanced Shell Hints

You will notice a significant improvement in the readability of the shell prompt.

Previously, if you needed to write a professional pen-testing report, collaborate on debugging code, or share a terminal, the pointer on the right would get in the way. In the latest version, you will find that this feature is not available in ZSH, while the skull root prompt has been replaced with the stylish K (㉿) symbol.

You can load shell prompt improvements directly on a new installation; However, if you’re updating to 2022.1, you’ll need to install them manually.

3. Browser Interface and Better Search Options

When it comes to the user’s browsing experience, you will find a refreshed interface with a brand new default landing page available by default within the distro.

Apart from the browser interface, the search function has also received some significant enhancements, which you can check out in the documentation section of the distro. These changes apply to the Chromium and Firefox browsers in Kali Linux 2022.1.

4. Kali Linux “Everything” ISO Image

The Kali-Linux-Everything ISO is an offline installation image and is only available via torrent. Standalone, offline ISOs will have pre-built Kali tools ready to use right after installation.

Since the Kali Linux images are quite large, it is best to update the existing version through the terminal so that you can take advantage of the installation you already have.

Once the image is downloaded, updated and installed, you will need to reboot your system for the changes to take effect.

5. Accessibility Improvements in the Installer

Kali intends to serve the visually impaired with its fully functional accessibility features.

Talk to Me is an installer-only feature to assist visually impaired and differently abled users with the installation process. It is available in a stable and debug build, devoid of the preceding sound driver issues. This tool enables visually impaired users to run Kali Linux on their computers.

6. New suite of tools

Kali Linux has added several useful tools for cyber security and backdoor/pen-testing.

Proxify: If you need a reliable Swiss Army Knife proxy tool for HTTP/HTTPS traffic capturing, manipulation and replay on the go, Proxify is the tool of choice.

PoshC2: PoshC2 is a proxy-aware C2 framework that performs post-exploit and lateral movement operations.

7. Effective SSH Compatibility

Kali Linux 2022.1 has better and wider SSH compatibility support than previous iterations.

You can better detect old and vulnerable SSH servers with the new settings. The new Hardening section under Kali Tweaks has everything you need for this. Rest assured, you can connect to legacy SSH servers with the tried and tested SSH protocol that is centuries old.

Kali Linux 2022.1: A Loaded, Stronger Than Ever Distro

Kali Linux 2022.1 is packed with excellent packages, tools and new features, each of which makes it a penetration tester’s dream come true. This version offers a lot of options to the end-users, which promises to be a game-changer for many. So are you ready to upgrade to Kali 2022.1?

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